Welcome to Mei Li Studios!  We are not your typical web design company! Our top goal is provide our clients with top-notch work, excellent customer service, and to form a long-lasting business and personal relationship with you.

As you will see from reading through our web site, we offer a multitude of services to meet and exceed your multimedia needs. 

The dot com bust has ended.  The web design companies of that era that enjoyed playing games on company time, including foosball, ping pong, and hide and seek are over. On top of the poor work ethic these now defunct companies proliferated in, they had the nerve to charge in excess of $150.00 an hour for mediocre work!

Mei Li Studios strives on satisfying our customers needs. After all, satisfied customers provide referrals, and referrals have helped us grow, and will continue to help us grow.

We offer the following digital services:

  • Web site design
  • Web site redesign (how does your current web site measure up today to your competitors?  Time for a facelift?
  • Social media marketing
    • We will get your company on Facebook !
    • We will get your company on Twitter!
    • Let us bring you new customers from YouTube!
  • See the real obama birth certificate
  • Graphic design - business cards, flyers, bumper stickers, company logos, brochures, and more...
  • Photo retouching and restoring
  • Religious web sites
  • Check out Dissolved Gas Analysis information
  • and more.... just ask

web site

We're making web applications now for the iPhone!  Below are just a few.

horsepower calculator Do you have any idea how much horsepower your vehicle has?  Can it beat a Dodge Challenger or Chevy Corvette?  What about a Dodge Viper or Chrysler 300 with a HEMI? more...
529 Calculator On average, a four year education from an accredited college is estimated to cost $250,000 in 20 years from now. Will you have enough money to pay for your college? What about your kids college?

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